Tsaaloh Expedition – A Short Film

In what appears to be a refreshingly quirky approach to a Bigfoot Film, Michael Brouphy has assembled some quality talent complete the Tsaaloh Expedition, which he has written and will direct.

The story appears to be built around the Mary Margarette Clover character, played by Heaven Needham, who has had parts in both Salem and American Horror Story.

Mary Margarette Clover is on a mission to carry out her fathers dream of finding Bigfoot after he passed away 20 years before. This story puts the joys of experiencing nature at the forefront, all while carrying undertones of pressing society issues.

The Kickstarter only runs thru May 28th, so hopefully they will get some traction.

Tsaaloh Expedition storyboards

For a $20 pledge, you will receive a Bigfoot shirt, and a free digital download.

Heaven Needham
Heaven Needham as Mary Margarette Clover
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