Superman vs Bigfoot

Published in February 1977, DC Super-Stars #12 “Don’t Call Me Superboy!” tells the tale of Clark Kent reminiscing about the time when the Super-Teacher from Krypton visited him in Smallville. The robot teacher created several challenges for the young hero in order to test his mastery of his super-powers and if he was ready to a “Superman”, including a brutal assault on a Bigfoot.

Superman assaulting bigfoot

Starting on the 16th page, a group a Bigfoot are portrayed as violent beasts, flipping cars and stomping on garbage cans.

After one of the creatures punches SuperBoy in the chest, hurting the Bigfoot’s hand, Superboy determines the Bigfoot are just freaking out and decides not to do them harm. He stops them by wrapping them up in his cape.

Superman finds out the Bigfoot are part of a traveling circus, as they were captured in the woods outside Smallville and escaped the circus. Superman uses his super ‘breathe’ to make it appear the Bigfoot can fly and propels them into the sky to escape the Circus Owner. Superboy follows the flying Bigfoot into the nearby woods to make sure they aren’t hurt.

After a conversation between Superboy and the robotic Super-Teacher, a Bigfoot pops out of the woods and throws a rock that hits Misty in the head.

The rock to the head kills Misty and Superboy loses his cool, attacking the Bigfoot and prepares to kill it in revenge when he stops. The Super-Teach explains that Superboy has passes the last test by controlling his anger and that the girl wasn’t dead, her death “simulated by super scientific methods”.

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