With principal photography set to start in August 2017, a new movie by award-winning indie filmmaker John Sayles will feature Sam Elliott as The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot. Sayles was the writer for the 1978 classic Piranha and wrote and directed The Brother from Another Planet. […]

The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot

CurseOfWereSquatch 1
Film maker Ryan McGivern‘s new kickstarter will tell the story of an incompetent small Minnesota town sheriff who uncovers a curse. The curse is a man eating Sasquatch/Werewolf. McGivern’s previous work includes Life Among the Undead (2011), The Bridge (2013) and The Odd (2012). McGivern promises a 70s drivethru style […]

Sasquatch I: It Begins the Curse of the Were-Squatch

A new bill in Washington State would designate sasquatch as the official cryptid of the evergreen state, listing Bigfoot next to the common Olympic Marmot and Walla Walla Sweet Onion. WashingtonBigfoot.com supports the bill, that was created by Republican Senator Anne Rivers of the 18th District. The 18th District is […]

Opposition To WA State Senate Bill 5816

Sasquatch: Boss of the Forest is a new movie that will be shot in Iowa starring Ben Rollins, Lyn Keren and Joe Sciorrotta. Written and directed by Collier Wilmes, the plot is described as “Two bigfoot Researchers go in the woods to find evidence of the illusive beast. Slowly they […]

Sasquatch: Boss of the Forest

Enraged by the murder of its offspring, a Bigfoot rampages through the countryside of Southeast Ohio. A detective (played by Zach Galligan) and a park ranger (Johnny Lechner) with the help of a Bigfoot researcher (Dave Sherrill) scramble to locate the legendary creature before it attacks a group of teenagers […]

New Bigfoot Film ‘Campout’ Begins Filming

In August 1978, Evelyn Cayton and her family were sitting at the kitchen table in their home near Lincoln Street SE, about two miles west of Minerva Ohio. They heard a noise outside and when the ventured out to see what it was, they observed Bigfoot in the woods behind […]

Minerva Monster

In what appears to be a refreshingly quirky approach to a Bigfoot Film, Michael Brouphy has assembled some quality talent complete the Tsaaloh Expedition, which he has written and will direct. The story appears to be built around the Mary Margarette Clover character, played by Heaven Needham, who has had […]

Tsaaloh Expedition – A Short Film

Reddit’s SubReddit on Bigfoot @ /r/bigfoot. News, sightings, rumors, hoaxes…anything related to Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Modern Neandertals, and the like. Please keep all posts related to the subject. A fairly good-natured group with some interesting discussions.

Bigfoot on Reddit

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Bigfoot – Believers Only is a closed group on FaceBook with over 10,000 members. Bigfoot – Believers Only is a group for BELIEVERS ONLY! No skeptics or cynics, just believers in the Big guy! Share your stories and evidence, without fear of ridicule!!!

Bigfoot – Believers Only on FaceBook