Bionic Bigfoot

As confusing as it is beautiful, there were two two-part episodes of the Bionic Man vs not just a normal Bigfoot, but Bionic Bigfoot. We know this because at one point Steve Austin rips off Bigfoot’s arm, which makes sparks and burst into flames. And there are aliens.


Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is an alien cyborg created by a group of aliens visiting earth; he was constructed by the alien Shalon in imitation of a lower form of life from the alien homeworld, using a technology called “Nyosynthetics,” an advanced form of Bionics which are powered by Mergeron. He was created to cultivate mystery and fear in a remote part of the Pacific Northwest in order to protect the location and identity of the alien’s secret base.

The episodes are:
The Secret of Bigfoot
The Secret of Bigfoot (Part II)
The Return of Bigfoot
The Return of Bigfoot (Part II)

You could watch all four… or just this fight scene

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